Most people want a swimming pool in their backyard for the summer months; very few want a swamp. Fibreglass pool maintenance is an easy but often overlooked aspect of pool ownership. One of the most common issues we at Elite Pools have heard of is algae growth.If you own a residential pool in the Toronto, Barrie, Oakville, Thornhill, or any other city in Ontario, maybe it’s about time to start dealing with potential algae problems yourself or to call up a local fibreglass pool maintenance provider, like us over at Elite Pools. But first, let’s get into the basics of pool algae.

What Causes Algae?

Algae come from spores that enter the pool through several possible means:Wind and rainStormsSwimsuitsPool cleaning equipmentAnd those spores can grow into algae blooms in only a few hours depending on factors such as:Badly balanced pH in the waterSunlight and heatCarbon dioxide and phosphatesYou can fix these issues with better filtration, circulation, and cleaning of the pool regularly. Remember that algae is essentially plant life and thus feeds off minerals in the pool and sunlight for photosynthesis.Of course, algae spores always exist microscopically in pools, so it’s in your best interest to do your fibreglass pool maintenance right even if there doesn’t appear to be a problem.

Why Is It Bad?

Not only does an alga bloom make it difficult to go swimming, but the number of resources required to remove algae bloom completely can be rather high, and future algae blooms will be able to feed off of the remains of previous algae.Algae also clog pool filters, reducing their effectiveness and forcing more replacements. It can also mess with the pH balance and chlorine levels in the pool.Worst of all, while algae itself isn’t dangerous to swimmers, it can harbor dangerous pathogens like E-coli bacteria.

What Can I Do to Remove It?

Found out about the threat too late? If you see algae in your pool already, follow these steps:Get your pool water into the right pH balance, adding chlorine when necessary.Double check your pool pump and filter so that they are working properly.Lower the temperature of the water. Algae tend to thrive in warm environments.Let the pool pump run 24/7 until the bloom clears.Use pool shocks for suspended green algae.Brush down and vacuum the walls and floors of the pool.In cases when there’s a lot of debris in the pool, draining and refilling might be necessary to clear it.There are tons of ways algae can bloom and many types of debris that can infect a pool. You’ll often need to turn to a fibreglass pool maintenance service for the more complex jobs.

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Are you in the market for a fine fibreglass pool or looking for a fibreglass pool maintenance company to provide you a fun-filled summer of swimming and pool parties? Look no further than Elite Pools, the finest manufacturer and installation service available in London, Toronto, Barrie, Oshawa, or anywhere else in Canada.Whether you need to deal with algae bloom or just want a brand new fibreglass pool to show off to your neighbors, contact us at Elite Pool Builders for a quote.Algae spores aren’t always visible, but algae blooms can be damaging to your pool.Remove algae bloom through good pool maintenance and chemicals like algaecides.For the best fibreglass pool maintenance in the country, call up Elite Pools.