Getting an inground pool installed is an exciting time. Soon your family will be able to enjoy hours of fun in the water, increased health benefits from swimming, and the aesthetics of having a body of water in your own yard. A Viking inground pool construction provides all these benefits and more.

Even though the pool construction industry has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last few decades, there is still a good deal of inconvenience associated with construction. After all, a pool installation is a pretty major construction project.

We find that many pool companies, in the interest of a sale, give their customers unrealistic expectations about the installation process for their pool. At Elite Pools, we believe it’s important for you to understand the installation process in order to avoid any unexpected surprises. Here are five things you should expect from your pool installation.

1. Heavy Equipment

Part of the Viking inground pool construction is digging a large hole to install the pool into. This can require heavy equipment such as excavators, concrete trucks, and even cranes. These machines will need to be able to get into your yard. Depending on how open your yard is, fencing and even small trees will need to be removed temporarily. As it is very difficult and often impossible to operate heavy machinery in an obstructed space, extra costs could be applied if there is difficult access into the yard

The duration of the construction can vary between a few days up to a few months depending on the type of Viking inground pool. Keep in mind that during this time, you will likely not have access to your yard, and it won’t be the quiet and relaxing place it usually is.

2. Damage to Terrain

Heavy machinery in your yard will probably result in ruts in your lawn. You will probably want to have some minor landscaping done after the process is over, including replanting your grass.

If your Viking inground pool construction requires machines to go over a driveway, sidewalk, or similar area, there is a good chance your terrain may be damaged as well. Most sidewalks are not built to handle the weight of heavy machinery.

3. Delayed Construction

While everyone involved is hoping for the Viking inground pool construction to go smoothly, many factors may cause delays. It is very dangerous to operate heavy machinery and other equipment in the rain. Working in wet soil isn’t much safer than working in the rain, so even after the rain ends, there will need to be a delay of up to a week for the soil to dry.

4. Unstable Soil

Another issue that can cause delays is unstable soil. If the soil in your yard is unstable, it is dangerous to work on. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed by a process called lifting, in stone is added to your soil to support the construction. This process is time-consuming but is required for the construction in some cases.

5. Hitting Bedrock

If your yard is comprised of soil, digging the hole for the Viking inground pool construction will not take much time. However, often there is bedrock underneath the soil that must be removed for the hole to be completed.

This process requires another machine, a hydraulic hammer, to be brought to the scene. This tool is used to break up the layer of bedrock so it can be removed, and may add some time to the construction project.

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● Despite the best efforts of any construction team, pool installation is not always a straightforward process.
● There are a variety of issues that can occur during a Viking inground pool construction, so it’s best to be prepared for all of them.
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