Fiberglass technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Compared to even a few years ago, the improvements in both form and function have been spectacular. Old Fiberglass pools have a distinctly cheap and rough look to them.

Today’s Fiberglass pools, on the other hand, are a sleek addition that fits well with almost any aesthetic. Thanks to passionate research, your Viking Fiberglass pool installation is now built with a beautiful look that it will remain for years to come with minimal maintenance required.

So how have Fiberglass pools improved over the years? Here are a few reasons to choose Fiberglass for your pool.

1. Invest in Your Pool

The upfront cost of installation is a little higher than most other pool options. However, this cost will be recovered by the amount you save on maintenance. Other pools have a much higher maintenance cost that will add up to far more than the installation cost for Fiberglass.

A Viking Fiberglass pool installation, unlike other options, creates a natural seal that does not allow dirt and debris to stick to it. This means it requires far less cleaning than a concrete pool or other options, so you save on both cleaning chemicals and scrubbing.

Fiberglass is also a very good insulator for heat, meaning that you won’t need to heat the pool as much as other options. Overall, the cost of owning a Viking Fiberglass pool installation is cheaper compared to other types, making it a fine long-term investment for your home.

2. Endless Options

In the past, Fiberglass pools have often been limited to a single basic color and shape, typically the standard kidney pool. This has painted them as an ugly and cheap looking option. Nowadays, modern Viking Fiberglass pool installations have almost limitless options for design and aesthetics.

Fiberglass allows for easy installation of water features and has just as many options, if not more, for the size and shape of the pool as other materials. Thanks to its durability, Fiberglass is compatible with pretty much any surrounding installation you can think of, such as landscaping.

A Viking Fiberglass pool installation will probably outlast most of the other items in your yard, so it functions as a good centerpiece for the rest of your yard decorations and installations.

3. Quick Installation

Concrete pools can take months to complete. The concrete must be poured on site, turning your yard into a complete mess while the pool is being completed. The length of time it takes to pour the concrete, install the liner and finish the pool can make you miss an entire summer before being able to use the pool.

A Viking Fiberglass pool installation is mostly manufactured away from your home, meaning it may only take one or two days in your yard to install and finish. Nobody likes having workers and heavy machinery in their yard. By choosing Fiberglass, you’re keeping your yard nice and quiet, and giving yourself the entire summer with your new pool.

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● Though Fiberglass pools used to be thought of as cheap, a modern Viking Fiberglass pool installation is one of the highest quality options.
● Fiberglass is a great investment for your home, requiring little maintenance. It is quick to install, and there are endless aesthetic options.
● With over 20 years of experience, Elite Pools is clearly the right choice for you and your pool.